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Drug Crimes Archives

Defining New York’s drug schedules

The stigma that often surrounds one who has been arrested for drug possession in New York City is that all such arrests are the same, no matter the substance that one was allegedly said to have been caught with. This line of thinking may group all of the over 1.56 million people the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports were arrested for drug abuse violations together, from those said to be in possession to prescription drugs without a valid reason to people who allegedly possessing controlled substances such as heroin or cocaine. The fact is that the law recognizes different classes of drugs, with their categories based on their potential for abuse and addiction.

If only avoiding conviction were as easy as filling prescriptions

Many types of drugs are so powerful, they require prescriptions for legal use. When a New York doctor writes a prescription for a particular patient, he or she is the only one legally permitted to consume the prescribed drug. Misuse of prescription medication can be just as lethal as using illegal drugs purchased on the street. In fact, alongside serious prescription medication addictions, many people throughout the nation are currently facing serious legal problems related to drug charges involving various types of prescription medications.

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