Always fight cocaine charges in New York

No matter what circumstances lead to your cocaine charges, you should and probably do have the right to build a strong legal defense. In the moment, it is not always easy to see how building a defense is even possible, but with careful attention and understanding of the law and the criminal justice system, you almost certainly have more defensive options than you realize.

New York is a strange and beautiful city in many ways, but certainly not a place where you want to face a conviction related to cocaine possession or distribution. While the Big Apple enjoys a reputation as a progressive city in many respects, its law enforcement policies are also world-renowned for their harsh implementation, in many cases.

If you face cocaine charges, or drug charges of any kind, do not waste another day before getting to work on your defense. Your prosecutor certainly isn’t putting off building a case against you, and the longer that you wait before engaging the prosecution and fighting back with tactics of your own, the more time he or she has to work toward your conviction uninterrupted. Protecting your rights and privileges with strong legal defense is an immediate priority.

New York is not “soft on drugs”

While New York is now well-known as a place where most people can get away with casual drug consumption, this is far from accurate from a legal perspective. For instance, many people may easily get away with marijuana consumption, which enjoys much looser regulation than other drugs.

Unfortunately, once you find yourself on the wrong end of the law involving drugs, the potential consequences are immense. Within the last 50 years, the city’s laws swung wildly from harsh over-policing to more relaxed approaches to drugs, and the experience you have may come down to encountering the wrong police officer at the wrong time. While many police may turn a blind eye to recreational drug use, if they choose to enforce the law fully, your rights and privileges are in serious danger.

Only a few decades ago, New York passed the Rockefeller Laws, which touted themselves as the toughest drug laws in the country at that time. These laws instituted unbelievably harsh minimum sentencing, regularly resulting in 15-year sentences for relatively small drug violations.

Fortunately, we no longer face minimum sentences of more than a decade for drug convictions, but cocaine charges may still land you behind bars for a long time. Don’t make the mistake of taking these charges lightly.

Defend yourself today

Many defendants do not understand just how harsh their sentencing may get, and do not make it a priority to fight the charges with all their resources. This is a serious error, and one that you should avoid.

Protect your future now with a strong legal defense, rather than handing the prosecution an easy conviction that may cost you years of jail time.

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