Take a look at two mistakes people charged with DUI make

Different people may react differently to being charged with DUI, but shock or being in denial are somewhat common.

Being charged with DUI in New York is a serious matter. However, the first mistake that many people make is not taking the charge seriously. For example, they may think it is like a traffic ticket, not realizing that it is a criminal conviction that can affect their employment prospects. Here is a look at a few other mistakes.

Not recognizing the depth of their problems

DUI is a crime perpetuated by the rich and the poor, by people who come from all walks of life. Many are not criminals per se, but they may have a serious issue with addiction. Pride can stand in the way of them accepting they have a problem. Other barriers can also include being in denial about the depth of the problem or its effect on family life.

In any case, some people who are charged with DUI fail to recognize that the charge is a symptom of a long-lasting problem and that they are better off fighting to get into a chemical dependency program instead of simply pleading guilty or accepting a plea deal that forces them to acknowledge guilt. After all, rehabilitation can help solve the big-picture issue, and repeat DUI offenses may result in felony convictions.

Of course, it bears saying that not everyone charged with DUI is an addict. Some people are 100 percent innocent, while some made a stupid mistake to drive while intoxicated. Quite a few never realized just how drunk they were.

Moving too slowly

Many people are in shock after being charged with DUI, and they may move too slowly in areas such as getting their licenses back and contacting a lawyer. There is also the fact that the New York City area has robust public transportation in many parts, so it can take a while before someone truly recognizes how the loss of a license can limit freedom. By then, getting a driver’s license back may be more difficult.

Moving too slowly can also result when someone does not feel that a DUI charge is serious or is in denial about the seriousness of the charge. The result is much the same as taking a long time to recover from shock-being behind the game instead of being proactive.

Some attorneys’ offices in New York are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to people facing DUI charges. There is never a bad time to call, and getting in touch with an attorney sooner rather than later helps ensure that those charged remain in as much control of their lives as possible.

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