Be cautious when driving to work the morning after

Most adults are aware of how alcohol affects them.  They may be able to easily identify when they’ve had too much to drink and it’s necessary to call a designated driver. And while this practice is a great way to avoid a DUI when going home, it does little to help avoid one the next day. Despite what we may believe, a good night’s sleep does not cure all. Individuals have been known to receive a DUI the morning after drinking. Sleeping it off may help us feel sober, but unfortunately, may not accurately represent how sober we really are.

There are numerous factors used to determine the amount of alcohol needed to become intoxicated, and the amount of time needed to sober up. Gender, weight and stomach contents are all things that greatly impact our blood alcohol concentration. And since our BAC weighs heavily on the body’s ability to metabolize alcohol, we may have a false sense of sobriety after a few hours of sleep.

When an individual drinks as their BAC increases, they naturally metabolize a certain percentage of alcohol every hour. This process of metabolizing alcohol occurs during sleep as well. However, our metabolism is comparatively slower during sleep than it is while we are awake and active. With this in mind, it is easy to accept that an individual with an extremely high BAC before bedtime may still have an over the legal limit BAC upon waking.

Avoiding morning after DUIs may be difficult since blood alcohol concentration and impairment are not one and the same. Many people do not experience noticeable impairment with lower BACs, which can make it hard to identify the risk of receiving a DUI. Individuals who have received a DUI the morning after drinking may want to speak with an experienced DUI defense attorney. Although morning after DUIs are rare, they can carry serious penalties and fines. Working with an attorney may help reduce or eliminate these charges.

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