As we have discussed before, the penalties associated with drunk driving charges are tremendous. They affect people in ways that don’t just relate to the legal consequences of the charge. For example, having your license revoked is usually part of the aftermath of a DUI.

But that revocation can affect a person’s ability to work, find work, or get to work. It can impact medical arrangements if the person is relied upon to give a sick family member rides to and from home, or to and from the hospital. It can close a person’s social circle, if not permanently then for a significant amount of time.

This is why anyone who is charged with a DUI can’t sit by and let the penalties destroy their lives. You have to bring in an attorney who can help you during this crucial time to keep you out of jail and get your license back. Simply sitting there and telling the police everything won’t score you any sympathy points. You have rights, and an attorney can ensure that your rights are upheld. Together, you and your attorney can accomplish an acceptable outcome in your DUI case, hopefully alleviating you of jail time and minimizing the damage to you personally and professionally.

Our law firm has more than four decades of experience dealing with DUIs, and we can get people the help they need. May it be counseling for a chemical dependency, reinstating your driver’s license, or fighting a tough DUI case in court, we have the experience and knowledge to aid people during their DUI cases.