Drunk driving charges are very serious and anyone who is accused of one needs to consider their legal position — and how to deal with it — in the wake of a DUI incident. The consequences associated with a DUI are numerous and very punitive. They can even mar your life for many years after the legal penalties associated with the charge are “complete.”

However, driving is not the only way that someone can receive these penalties (or ones that are similar). Boating is another way that a person can be accused of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

There are many lakes and bodies of water in New York that call out to people in the Spring and Summer. Heading out on the water to soak in the sun on a Saturday can be very fun, and sometimes people choose to bring alcoholic beverages out on the boat with them. When done responsibly, this isn’t necessarily a problem.

But operating a boat after the operator has consumed enough alcohol to exceed the legal limit of 0.08 can result in a BUI. There are other rules too for minors (0.02) and operators of commercial boats (0.04) that can lead to a BUI in the state of New York.

Regardless of the circumstances, the individual being accused of BUI needs to defend himself or herself. They have rights during the investigation of their BUI and during the legal process that follows. They may not be aware of these rights, or even how to use them. So bringing in an attorney can be a huge lift.

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