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January 2015 Archives

With Super Bowl Weekend upon us, please drink responsibly

This upcoming weekend is practically a national holiday in the United States. It's Super Bowl Weekend, and this year it's the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots battling it out for the title of NFL champions and, with it, the Lombardi Trophy. Many people will drive to their friend's home or to their local establishment to enjoy some camaraderie and some football -- and probably a few drinks as well.

Increased DUI penalties may not offer an easy fix

It always feels like there are stronger penalties in the pipeline for DUI offenders. Lawmakers are always making big speeches about how we need to curb drunk driving, and while this is of course a noble effort (and hopefully an achievable one in some utopia we have not yet created), we will never truly eliminate drunk driving from the world. Not even self-driving cars can eliminate it (emergency situations or unique circumstances may force someone to, or see someone drive, while under the influence).

What rules apply to DUIs and employment in New York?

We've talked about how a drunk driving charge can impact a person's career on this blog before, but today let's dive a little bit deeper into that topic. In the state of New York, what can an employer do based on your criminal record? And what sorts of rules are in place that actually help the person accused or convicted of a DUI?

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