It always feels like there are stronger penalties in the pipeline for DUI offenders. Lawmakers are always making big speeches about how we need to curb drunk driving, and while this is of course a noble effort (and hopefully an achievable one in some utopia we have not yet created), we will never truly eliminate drunk driving from the world. Not even self-driving cars can eliminate it (emergency situations or unique circumstances may force someone to, or see someone drive, while under the influence).

So why do we bring this up? Why are we talking about the potential of increased penalties on DUI offenders? Think of it like this: people who are accused of drunk driving may or may not be guilty of the offense. Let’s say they truly are guilty of the offense. Do you think enhanced penalties are going to make this person magically turn his or her life around?

The answer is “probably not.” There are few definite answers in this world, and that question can’t have a definite answer. But what is definite is that there will be some — SOME — people out there who still depend on alcohol and still can’t break the grip the substance has on their life. They will still get behind the wheel of cars if they are drunk, regardless of the penalties associated with the act and regardless of whether they have been hit with a DUI charge previously.

Anyone who is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs needs to take their case seriously, and we at the Neil S. Ruskin offices can help you in this regard.