A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a post outlining the dangers of drinking and driving given that it was the weekend of the Super Bowl. This is traditionally a day where many Americans choose to consume alcohol and, sadly, some of them decide to get behind the wheel of a car. Well we have a follow-up post to that one, as a DWI checkpoint (and general traffic crackdown) in the Buffalo, New York area yielded many arrests on the day of the Super Bowl.

The police wrote 1,390 tickets during their operation which was called the STOP-DWI campaign. They also arrested 31 people for driving under the influence. There was little other information released by the police.

There are a couple of things to take away from this story, and the first will make us sound like a broken record, but: don’t drink and drive. That’s the best way to avoid a DUI — it’s not an experienced lawyer, or some homemade trick that hides your intoxicated state. Just don’t get behind the wheel when you’ve had something to drink.

Of course, when you do get caught for driving under the influence, then you absolutely need that attorney on your side to help you investigate the charges against you (and, really, the whole case against you). One of the areas that you can look at is the DUI checkpoint, if you were arrested at one. The police have to notify the public about these checkpoints, and they also must abide by the rules and regulations that these checkpoints adhere to.

Source: WIVB, “STOP-DWI campaign nets 31 drunk driving arrests,” Emily Lenihan, Feb. 5, 2015