Let’s look at drunk driving from a macro perspective today. We’re going to look at some critical figures from 2012 that illustrate what was going on with drunk driving in New York, and we think that you’ll find some of this information not only enlightening, but a bit surprising as well.

First of all, did you know that there were 33,053 drunk driving arrests in the state of New York in 2012? Thankfully only 196 of these arrests involved someone who was aged 18 or younger.

Out of these arrests and the crashes that involved drunk drivers, there were 344 fatalities in the state of New York. That’s roughly 1.8 fatalities tied to drunk driving per 100,000 people in the state. Remarkably, that rate has remained basically the same over the last 10 years of data. The 2012 fatality per 100,000 statistic only decreased by 1.6 percent when compared to the 2002 statistic.

Maybe the most jarring statistic available, though, is that nearly 70 percent (69.6) of the fatalities tied to alcohol impairment involved a driver who had a blood alcohol content that was at least 0.15, nearly double the legal limit.

The higher up the BAC ladder you go, the more likely it is that you will be involved in an accident, and the more likely it is that accident will be fatal. Additionally, the higher that BAC goes the more punishing the consequences become for the offender. Anyone who ends up being arrested for drunk driving with a high BAC need criminal defense help immediately.

Source: Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, “State Facts: New York,” Accessed March 12, 2015