A DUI arrest involving a minister from Brooklyn, NY highlights one of the major problems that people accused of driving under the influence face in the wake of such a charge. The minister, a 53-year-old woman, was apparently swerving through the Holland Tunnel — to the point where her wheels were scraping the curb — and had an open bottle of vodka in the front seat.

No blood alcohol content was listed in the source article, but the minister was arrested for drunk driving. There are few other details available about the case, but this story does bring to mind an important factor for the accused after a drunk driving case.

When someone is accused of a drunk driving crime, there are a lot of consequences associated with that offense. They can lose their license. They can lose their car. They can suffer serious financial penalties and jail time. A lot of these punishments are tangible, legal consequences that are written out in the law.

But there are plenty of other intangible consequences that go along with a DUI charge. Now with a criminal history, a DUI offender could find it very difficult to find a place to live as some landlords may reject their application due to their history. Some DUI offenders may find that their relationships with other people become strained as a result of the offense. They could even lose their job, or struggle to find a new job, as a result of their criminal history.

The only way to have a chance to limit the damage these things could do to your life is to get an attorney and defend your side of the case, regardless of the circumstances in your case.

Source: New York Daily News, “Brooklyn minister arrested for drunk driving after being caught weaving through Holland Tunnel with vodka: officials,” Thomas Tracy, March 15, 2015