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July 2015 Archives

How does New York penalize drunk drivers?

Getting charged with a DWI is a major crime and one that the State of New York takes very seriously. If you are facing charges for Driving While Intoxicated, you should never take it lightly. Chances are, you've heard all sorts of rumors about what to do if you're pulled over and what the penalties are for being convicted. Unfortunately, legal information spreads like a bad game of "Telephone," and everyone seems to have heard something different.

What is vehicular assault?

It should come as no surprise to anyone facing criminal charges. Getting convicted of a vehicular assault or homicide can lead to major fines, restricted driving privileges and serious jail time. You could have your driving abilities revoked, leaving you unable to get to work or manage your children's schedules. Worse, you could wind up behind bars, changing your and your family's lives forever.

The consequences of refusing a Breathalyzer test

Being pulled over by law enforcement can be frightening. Whether you are guilty or not, the fact that you're getting pulled over can make your heart race and your head spin. You might not know how to best protect your rights because you aren't familiar with the laws. This is especially true when it comes to taking a DWI breath test. You may have read on the Internet or heard from friends that you should always refuse to take one. Or you may have heard that a police officer can force you if he or she has probable cause to believe you are driving under the influence.

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