Regardless of the reason, whether because we are late for work, tired or just having a bad day, the potential to experience road rage is always present. With millions of drivers on the road teamed with the increasingly busy American schedule, our fuses are short and our tempers are hot. In an instant, we can become a vehicle bully or the victim of one. So when does road rage turn into something worse?

Over the last several years it seems, cases of drivers gone wild have caught fire, and, the attention of the media. Thanks to the caught-on-camera generation we have seen instances of road rage delivered to us from anywhere in the nation via social media. Sometimes we see the aggressor assaulting his way to a criminal charge over being passed on the highway, and in other cases we watch as youthful, newbie drivers purposely pick fights with individuals they taunt while on the road.

Enraged drivers are not in short supply and not soon forgotten. With a higher likelihood of being caught on camera assaulting someone, it may only be a matter of time before the angry and out of control look to use their cars as weapons instead of their fists, making for a clean getaway and without being filmed. As terrifying as it sounds, it’s not an entirely new problem. Vehicular assault has happened for a number of different reasons including raging drivers.

With little control over other drivers and our necessity and desire to travel, for many of us, it is only a matter of time before we witness or are party to road rage. It may no longer be just a concern if we stop, but also if we don’t.