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November 2015 Archives

Man charged after hitting vehicle that failed to yield

For many people, meeting up with friends or family for a dinner out usually includes a drink or two. While this practice generally goes without incident, for some people that overdo it, it may end in a DUI charge. Being pulled over or arrested is one of the risks we take when driving home after having a few. However, as one man is finding out, the risk of being arrested didn't only hinge on his behavior but the negligence of another driver as well.

What is a DWAI?

Alcohol affects everyone differently. Even though the state of New York considers 0.08 to be legally intoxicated, it may not represent the same level of drunkenness for everyone. Likewise, some individuals may be super sensitive to the effects of alcohol and experience the tipsy effect at a much lower level. To bridge the gap between legal intoxication at 0.08 and an alcohol sensitive person's impairment at a lower level, officers have a charge known as a DWAI or driving while ability impaired.

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