For many people, meeting up with friends or family for a dinner out usually includes a drink or two. While this practice generally goes without incident, for some people that overdo it, it may end in a DUI charge. Being pulled over or arrested is one of the risks we take when driving home after having a few. However, as one man is finding out, the risk of being arrested didn’t only hinge on his behavior but the negligence of another driver as well.

A New York man is being charged with vehicular homicide after a crash that killed one and left three injured. According to authorities, the 57-year-old New York man was traveling south on a highway when a Jeep driven by a 53-year-old woman pulled out in front of him. The woman was apparently trying to make a left hand turn from a parking lot and failed to yield to oncoming traffic. The man’s van collided with the woman’s Jeep on the driver’s side, killing a rear passenger and injuring others.

When officers arrived at the scene, they interviewed the 57-year-old man and observed behavior that is consistent with intoxication. With the belief that the driver was under the influence at the time of the accident, he was placed under arrest.

Although the crash is still under investigation, it may be assumed that the combination of one driver’s negligence and another driver’s intoxication was the cause of the accident. It is unknown if the man will fight the charges against him after the investigation is complete. However, an attorney may advise him to do so if it is discovered that the woman’s failure to yield is the primary cause of the crash.

Source:, “Carmel man charged with Vehicular Homicide,” Kathy Welsh, Nov. 16, 2015