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February 2016 Archives

Psychiatric disorders and DUI

In recent years, alcoholism has received an abundance of attention by mental health professionals because of its frequent linkage to psychiatric disorders. In a 2014 article published in the Mental Health and Substance Use Journal, the link between these two categories was, once again, reaffirmed. Patients suffering from psychiatric disorders and alcohol addiction were referred to as a unique population and were said to need specialized treatment. This professional opinion should have many individuals questioning how it is then that repeat DUI offenders can be seen as criminals rather than potential victims of mental illness.

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Facing a DUI charge is scary enough, but if you have caused an accident that has led to the injury or death of another, you may be facing vehicular homicide charges, which are even more terrifying. These charges can carry serious and life-altering consequences, including heavy fines and penalties and even imprisonment. It is important for individuals facing these charges to look to an experienced criminal defense attorney and receive the effective representation they require and deserve.

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