Generally speaking, we tend to hold law enforcement and other authorities to a higher standard when it comes to character and judgment. We look to these authorities as examples of how to behave and be an active and positive member of society. Unfortunately, we occasionally get a glimpse of how even officers can make mistakes.

Thanks to a recent article, one such mistake is being brought to the public’s attention. According to reports, the newly hired Central New Jersey police director is now suspended without pay as the result of a recent drunk driving charge.

According to authorities, the 71-year-old police director was arrested and charged with DUI on a Tuesday after running his personal car off the roadway and striking a curb while off duty. Fortunately, the 71-year-old was not injured in the crash and did not harm any other individuals. Authorities from the borough of Carteret are investigating the crash and have told authorities that once the investigation is complete, they are prepared to take all appropriate action against the director.

The driver, a retired police captain, was hired as civilian police director for Carteret. Unfortunately, this incident goes to show how even the most respected of individuals can make mistakes. Although it is unknown how this offense will impact his newly appointed position, it has likely already impacted his personal life and reputation.

Facing a DUI charge can be emotionally taxing on any individual. However, people in a position of authority or respected power may stand to lose quite a bit more regarding reputation and public standing. For these individuals, immediate representation can make a world of difference. If you or someone you know is facing a DUI charge, speaking to an experienced DUI defense attorney may be beneficial.

Source: NBC New York,”Recently Hired NJ Police Director Charged With Drunken Driving,” Feb. 24, 2016