Vehicular assault charges are extremely serious and can result in significant penalties and jail time. However, not all individuals responsible for these accidents are criminals. When prosecutors use terms like reckless and negligent to describe those who are responsible, it paints an inaccurate picture of an individual’s character. While this tactic may work on some, for individuals that have a strong, experienced defense attorney by their side, it won’t.

Facing vehicular assault charges can take a heavy toll on individuals. For many, it is one of the scariest times of their lives. Some may think their case is hopeless or that the charges are so serious that there is no way to defend themselves. Not only is this in untrue, it is a grave mistake for those accused of these crimes.

Individuals accused of vehicular assault are led to believe that somehow their actions were reckless or negligent. However, this is not always the case. These terms can encompass a wide variety of behaviors, but are by no means a one-size-fits-all description. Driving drunk, speeding or driving erratically may all result in serious injury to others, but sometimes it is the untold story that makes the difference. By working with an experienced defense attorney, individuals can defend their actions by undoing the damage a prosecution’s inaccurate description has caused.

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball or we get caught up in a situation that can do irreversible damage to our reputation, family and well-being. Individuals facing serious charges such as vehicular assault can defend themselves and their loved ones against these charges with the help of an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney.