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June 2016 Archives

Summer boating fun and laws that limit you

Did you know that many of the same laws that govern the roadways also apply to the waterways as well? When you are out on the water this summer, keep in mind that if you are being too reckless or not keeping your boat up to regulation, including a valid hull identification number, which is akin to the vehicle identification number in cars and trucks, you could be stopped by law enforcement.

Defending a drunk driving charge

Did you know that the magic number across the United States is 0.07 percent when it comes to the minimum allowed alcohol content in the blood? Anything higher is punishable by law and considered driving while intoxicated. While this number remains constant, when you traverse through the borders of the states, the penalties associated with such a charge vary dramatically.

Can I get arrested with a BAC below the legal limit?

Everyone who drinks alcohol has likely, at some point, driven a vehicle with at least trace readings of alcohol in their bloodstream. Many of us have driven when we have had too much and have been lucky enough to not get caught. Sometimes, even if your driving does nothing to indicate you have been drinking, you may come upon a situation where your sobriety is tested.

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