Did you know that many of the same laws that govern the roadways also apply to the waterways as well? When you are out on the water this summer, keep in mind that if you are being too reckless or not keeping your boat up to regulation, including a valid hull identification number, which is akin to the vehicle identification number in cars and trucks, you could be stopped by law enforcement.

If you have been drinking, even if it was earlier in the day or you have just had one or two beers, you could face serious consequences. If you blow greater than a .07 percent, you could be arrested on drunk driving-related charges.

Also, operators can be as young as 14, provided they attended training and have the required license on their person. If your boat’s operator is under 21 and has had anything to drink, keep in mind that they are governed by a zero-tolerance rule and can have a far lower blood alcohol content and still be in trouble.

If someone else is operating a boat you own, you could be facing fines, penalties or the prospect of having your boat operating privileges suspended.

If you are already dealing with charges pertaining to boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, let a DUI attorney who handles boating under the influence work for you. Try to retain what is left of the summer with sun and fun and water and let your attorney work to get you an improved outcome.