Sometimes accidents happen and lives are lost. No matter how senseless the suffering seems to be and how angry family and friends may be at the suffering brought about by the accident, sometimes there just isn’t anyone to blame. Sometimes deaths happen and they are unpreventable and entirely caused by unpredictable circumstances.

This may have been the case for the family of a child who lost her life after a bus driver lost control of his vehicle and struck a light pole. The pole then fell and struck a stroller carrying an 8-month old baby girl. The infant’s injuries proved fatal.

The chain reaction that ended in the innocent child’s untimely death was alleged by authorities to have been the result of the bus driver’s speeding down the street while using his cellphone. The bus driver’s attorney countered that no evidence demonstrated these accusations to be true. Ultimately a judge agreed, essentially stating that prosecutors failed to prove anything of the kind. Charges were dropped and the man was found not guilty.

If you have been blamed for the injury or death of another because of incidents resulting from a horrible accident, you may want to speak to a criminal defense attorney in New York without delay. He or she may be able to further investigate your accident and challenge the prosecution to prove the allegations against you. Sometimes, no matter how angry your accusers are, they aren’t right in attempting to hold someone accountable who was not. Vehicular homicide and vehicular manslaughter are charges with serious consequences. Acting swiftly to build your defense may also be your best offensive move.

Source:, “Bus Driver Found Not Guilty in Crash That Killed NJ Baby,” June 24, 2016