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August 2016 Archives

Woman charged with killing twin now arrested for driving drunk

A woman who was one charged with second-degree murder for allegedly killing her twin is back in jail on charges of drunk driving. The twins plummeted over a cliff after hitting a wall in May, reportedly due to an all-out battle over the steering wheel. This happened in Maui, and the Hawaiian judge released the woman saying there wasn't enough there to prove the death should be considered murder.

Are DUI checkpoints legal?

One major takeaway from a review of the constitution and our inherent constitutional rights may be that we cannot be subjected to unreasonable search and seizure without due cause. So it would seem counter-intuitive that we should not be subjected to such intrusions as we are at DUI checkpoints. And yet, DUI checkpoints are not uncommon in New York City and throughout many states within the US. How can this be?

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