A woman who was one charged with second-degree murder for allegedly killing her twin is back in jail on charges of drunk driving. The twins plummeted over a cliff after hitting a wall in May, reportedly due to an all-out battle over the steering wheel. This happened in Maui, and the Hawaiian judge released the woman saying there wasn’t enough there to prove the death should be considered murder.

Now in upstate New York, the woman reportedly came close to colliding with a vehicle driven by an investigator with the state police and now faces drunk driving charges. She did allow a blood alcohol test to be taken, and the results showed her blood alcohol content was more than three times the limit allowed by law.

The woman was not entirely free from the previous charges in Hawaii. Indeed, prosecutors stated the intention to further investigate the wreck to see what they could drum up in terms of incriminating evidence to justify the charge of murder.

The death of her sister, her twin no less–facing the charges in addition to the burden of guilt based upon the nature of the event and knowing you are the subject of scrutiny and investigation by law enforcement–all of these factors have the potential to cause undue duress and anxiety which can fuel a downward spiral and lead to substance abuse and a domino effect of poor decisions.

If you feel that you can’t find your footing after garnering the interest of criminal prosecutors or law enforcement, you may benefit from speaking with a criminal defense attorney sooner rather than later. With an advocate on your side, guiding you and cautioning against a potential misstep, you may find you are able to avoid more serious circumstances and their corresponding consequences. You don’t have to let one mistake derail your life.

Source: www.Sun-Sentinel.com, “Surviving twin who once ran Palm Beach County yoga studio accused of DUI in New York,” Aug 18, 2016