The holidays are upon us and with them come extra opportunities for fun as well as stress. While many people will move through this season with ease and uplifted spirits, others will no doubt have a tougher time. If you have a history of alcohol issues, the holidays can be an especially daunting time of year.

Trying to stay clean and sober takes constant vigilance. Even after a prolonged period of abstinence, a single drink can send an alcoholic into an unrelenting tailspin. And the holidays present a number of challenges. First, there are the various parties and gatherings you may be obligated to attend. Typically, drinks are a central part of such festivities and it is easy to feel awkward if you are abstaining while seemingly everyone else is partaking

And another problem is loneliness, which many people suffer from this time of year. Perhaps you started drinking as a means of coping with feelings of sadness or isolation. The problem is that drinking only made things worse in the long run. But a drink can still provide quick relief if you are suffering emotionally.

Slipping off the wagon is a big problem in and of itself, but if do drink and drive, it is all too easy to get pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. If this happens, you not only must contend with your drinking issues, but you could be facing steep fines, the suspension of your driving privileges or even time in jail.

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