For drivers in New York and all over the nation, drunk driving poses a huge threat to the safety of everyone who shares the road. Accordingly, if a friend or loved one intends on driving while inebriated, it’s important to know the steps to take to prevent them from getting behind the wheel. Not only will this stop a potentially devastating accident from occurring, it can also keep your loved one from incurring significant legal consequences.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, there are a number of steps you can take if you encounter a person who is clearly too drunk to drive. First and foremost, when planning on drinking it’s important to have a designated driver in place before setting out. This can include having a friend agree to abstain for the night, hiring a cab or arranging for some other mode of transportation that doesn’t require an inebriated individual to get behind the wheel. Should this fail to occur, you can confront the person who intends on driving directly.

When doing so, be sure to remain calm and rational in your speech and mannerisms. You should also make every attempt to communicate in a way that the person can comprehend what you’re saying. Alcohol can greatly impact one’s judgment, and as a result you should make sure that you’re communicating in a clear and concise manner.

It can also be helpful to have someone join you in your attempt. This will illustrate the importance of the matter, and presenting a unified front can often be a lot more persuasive. When these tactics fail, attempt to remove the keys from the person intending on driving. You can also highlight the severity of driving while inebriated, focusing on the possibility of severe injury, as well as the legal consequences bound to occur if your friend is caught in the act.