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April 2017 Archives

Plea bargain made in aggravated DWI case

Despite the stereotypes that abound, virtually anyone can be arrested for drunk driving in New York. Consuming alcohol when out for dinner or happy hour or at special celebrations with family members and friends and then driving home is a normal thing for many people. This very socially acceptable and normal thing may well lead a person to being accused of driving while ability impaired by alcohol or driving while impaired no matter their social status or job.

Vehicular homicide and sober drivers

When a death occurs in a car accident due to a drunk driver, New York law is fairly clear about how the at-fault driver is to be punished. However, when the driver is sober, it seems to be far harder to decide what to do. According to The New York Times, the state usually requires that a person breaks two laws in order to be found negligent in a traffic crime. The New York Court of Appeals added a new stipulation that must be considered, called moral blame.

What your urine, breath and blood might say about you

Brooklyn is a popular borough in New York City known for many things, including heavy traffic. Whether a permanent resident or a visitor just passing through, you might join many others who enjoy the cultural flare, culinary fare and many recreation locations offered in the area, such as Coney Island and Prospect Park.  

What are the penalties for driving while intoxicated in NY?

Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol can not only cause grave injury and loss of life, it can also result in a number of significant penalties in the state of New York. Depending on the circumstances at the time of your arrest, you could potentially face years in jail as well as exorbitant fines and courts costs. In some cases, being aware of the potential legal ramifications can serve as a deterrent to those who may not consider a driving while intoxicated offense a serious one.

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