Despite the stereotypes that abound, virtually anyone can be arrested for drunk driving in New York. Consuming alcohol when out for dinner or happy hour or at special celebrations with family members and friends and then driving home is a normal thing for many people. This very socially acceptable and normal thing may well lead a person to being accused of driving while ability impaired by alcohol or driving while impaired no matter their social status or job.

Such is the case today for a man who had been with the Auburn Police Department for 20 years and was named a deputy chief last summer. The 44-year-old officer has been charged with an aggravated driving while impaired charge as well as an unsafe lane change. The incident occured in early April in Aurelius when local officers received a report that a vehicle was being driven in an erratic manner.

Upon arriving in the area where the alleged erratic vehicle was seen, the deputy chief’s pickup truck was located in a nearby ditch. Tests indicated that the driver’s blood alcohol content was 0.18 percent. He is said to have pled guilty to the charge of DWAI. The penalties he may face are not known but he is currently not working.

After an arrest for drunk driving, New York residents might find it helpful to learn about their charges and penalties by talking with an attorney who has experience working with impaired driving charges and defenses.

Source:, “Auburn deputy police chief charged with DWI pleads guilty to lesser charge,” Kurt Stutz, April 19, 2017