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June 2017 Archives

Defining New York’s drug schedules

The stigma that often surrounds one who has been arrested for drug possession in New York City is that all such arrests are the same, no matter the substance that one was allegedly said to have been caught with. This line of thinking may group all of the over 1.56 million people the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports were arrested for drug abuse violations together, from those said to be in possession to prescription drugs without a valid reason to people who allegedly possessing controlled substances such as heroin or cocaine. The fact is that the law recognizes different classes of drugs, with their categories based on their potential for abuse and addiction.

Yes, you should always fight cocaine possession charges

Despite shifting public attitudes toward marijuana, other drugs still regularly lead to much harsher penalties than you might expect. Here in New York City, many people assume that the laws are not very strict because of the city's reputation as a hub of progressive voters. However, drug possession is still a serious crime, especially for much less publicly favored substances like cocaine.

Criminal Justice Reform Act lowers some misdemeanors to infractions

New York City's Criminal Justice Reform Act was signed into law a year ago by Mayor de Blasio. It was largely intended to reduce backlogs in the courts and to cut back on the vast inmate population at Rikers Island.

Addressing false allegations of theft

From stealing credit cards to robbery and auto theft, there are a wide variety of theft accusations people find themselves facing. If you have been accused of theft, you may be unsure of how to handle the allegations and could be experiencing a great deal of anxiety. Unfortunately, some of these accusations are baseless and if you have been wrongfully accuesd of theft you need to stand up for yourself right away. Neil S. Ruskin is very familiar with the difficulties that people in this position may face in New York City and those who have been falsely accused of theft deserve a voice.

What are some examples of white collar crime?

When it comes to white collar crime charges, the consequences can be devastating. However, it is important to keep in mind that these types of crimes take many forms and are not limited to incidents that occur within major corporations. In Brooklyn, and across all parts of New York, those who are accused of committing a white collar crime may have their lives upended in various ways. From time behind bars to costly fines and a damaged reputation, being accused of this type of offenses can shatter your life.

Police control body camera footage. Is it fair?

Every day, more police departments are incorporating body cameras to record day-to-day activities. Here in New York, up to 20,000 police officers are recording their interactions with New Yorkers. Just one service that provides cloud storage for body camera footage reports that they have already uploaded 4 million hours worth of footage. 

What is embezzlement?

Many people may have a job or professional relationship with a company in New York that provides them some level of access to assets. These assets may or may not be liquid but could all have a financial value. Whether a vice president of finance or an independent accountant, people in these situations are likely aware of the need for properly documenting their work and actions taken. One reason for this is to protect themselves against potential accusations of embezzlement.

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