From stealing credit cards to robbery and auto theft, there are a wide variety of theft accusations people find themselves facing. If you have been accused of theft, you may be unsure of how to handle the allegations and could be experiencing a great deal of anxiety. Unfortunately, some of these accusations are baseless and if you have been wrongfully accuesd of theft you need to stand up for yourself right away. Neil S. Ruskin is very familiar with the difficulties that people in this position may face in New York City and those who have been falsely accused of theft deserve a voice.

There are a wide variety of reasons why you may be wrongfully accused of theft. Perhaps your former employer thinks you stole something from them, or you have been mistaken for someone else who carried out a crime. Or, you may have recently split up with a girlfriend or boyfriend and the person is accusing you of stealing something. The details surrounding these types of cases vary from one to another, but the consequences can be damaging. If you do not address these allegations appropriately, you may face a plethora of penalties and consequences that turn your life upside down. For example, you may lose your job, be unable to find work, ordered to pay fines or even sentenced to prison.

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