The 1939 film depiction of the The Wizard of Oz told a tale of a Kansas farm girl and three unlikely compatriots traveling down a Yellow Brick Road. Throughout their journey, they faced serious, if not deadly dangers around every corner.

As they followed the path to the Emerald City, they battled a green-faced witch, flying monkeys and the intoxicating and impairing scent of poppies.

In the hometown of Oz’s creator, L. Frank Baum, a man dressed as a character from his stories made the roads of Sullivan, New York, a little more dangerous. A resident of the Madison County called the police to report a man on his property who was noticeably intoxicated. The homeowner reported that the man drove to the home with another person and was asked to leave, but refused.

But this seemingly was no ordinary man. This was a Tin Man. Or at least a man dressed up as the famed woodsman impaired by something other than a flower.

State troopers responded to the call and discovered the intoxicated cosplayer still in Tin Man makeup. Nicholas Sherman told police that he had just left a business in the nearby village of Chittenango. He had been hired to portray the Tin Man character during last week’s annual Oz-Stravaganza event.

Police arrested the silver-faced, 31-year old Cortland resident after a blood alcohol test registered at 0.19 percent, more than two times the legal limit for DUI.

His dedication to staying in character showed in his mug shot that featured the famed make-up.