A state law that puts repeat DUI offenders at risk of permanent driver’s license loss was recently upheld by New York’s Court of Appeals.

According to an article from US News & World Report, three New York state residents attempted to take down the law. After the mandatory waiting period, these three reapplied for driver’s licenses, only to be denied. The judges from the Court of Appeals stated that there is no guarantee of relicensing to people who have lost their driving privileges because they broke the law and drove while drunk.

Governor Andrew Cuomo voiced his support for the decision and reiterated that his administration has zero tolerance for people who continue to drink and drive.

The Possibility Of Renewal Does Not Guarantee Renewal

People accused of DUI may believe that once their driver’s license suspension has elapsed, they will be able to regain their driving privileges and get back behind the wheel. While it is possible that the DMV will approve a DUI offender’s license renewal application, there is no guarantee.

In fact, according to a piece from the New York Law Journal, the DMV has denied well over 13,000 license renewal applications in the few years since the more strict regulations have gone into effect. Repeat offenders in particular run the risk of never getting their driver’s license privileges back.

People arrested for DUI need to keep this in mind when determining whether to plead guilty or fight the charges