Those who plan to go out for a night of drinking in New York are soundly encouraged to elect a member of their group to be the designated driver (or to at least bring spare change for cab fare). If, however, one does happen to get behind the wheel and is them later stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence, his or her actions may be what determines not only what sort of criminal charges he or she may face, but also what sort of repercussions may be felt in his or her personal life.

No one wants the stigma of having been arrested for DUI hanging over them, much less one whose job involves driving. Yet that is just what a Florida man is facing after having been arrested for both driving drunk and being involved in a hit-and-run. Law enforcement officials stopped the man after his whereabouts where made known by the driver of the car he rear-ended. His appearance and speech gave the indication he had been drinking (a fact he confirmed on his own), and he subsequently failed the field sobriety tests he was given. His level of intoxication was not confirmed, however, as he refused to take a breathalyzer test. What makes this man’s predicament all the more troubling is that he works as a driver’s education teacher at a local high school (he has since been placed on leave).

Simply being suspected of driving under the influence does not necessarily indicate guilt, however. One has every right to contest such an allegation or argue its circumstances in an attempt to get an acceptable ruling in his or her case. Earning such a ruling may be possible with the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Source: The New York Post “Driver’s ed teacher arrested for drunk driving” Salo, Jackie, June 07, 2017