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August 2017 Archives

Did your partner consent to your actions?

Like most in New York, you likely never even considered the possibility of having to defend yourself against accusations of sexual assault. Yet you might suprised how easily a romantic encounter that you believed to be completely consensual later results in such a scenario. The fear that you and many others in such a situation may have is that the benefit of the doubt often goes to the accuser (after all, why would he or she make up such a thing, right?). Yet all sexual assault cases do not automatically come down to a scenario of "he said, she said." Rather, the burden of proof can often lie with both sides. 

Navigating New York gun laws

Guns are an unavoidably complicated issue for nearly everyone in the country, and a person's understanding of guns and their value or use may vary wildly depending on where that person lives or what socioeconomic pressures he or she experiences.

Banker beats theft charges, countersues prosecution

If you work in a professional setting, criminal allegations can ruin your entire career even if you eventually beat the charges. If you do find yourself facing unfair white collar crime charges, you should do everything in your power to protect your future and defend your reputation. Sometimes, this means bringing a countersuit against the very people who charged you. After all, their mistake could cost you your livelihood.

New York's white collar criminal uncertainty

Standing as the global hub of international business, it comes as no surprise that New York is also host to a number of white collar crimes. While nonviolent, white collar crimes typically involve the manipulation of finances and are usually committed by professionals in business and government. Although types of white collar crimes such as of forgery, embezzlement and falsifying business records can be serious, the legal repercussions that follow are often uncertain. 

Theft and its relatives: jostling, joyriding and fortune telling

As understood in the common law, theft in New York, New York means “larceny by trespassory taking,” according to the Criminal Jury Instructions by the New York State Unified Court System. At risk of stating the obvious, that definition might confuse rather than clarify the meaning of theft.

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