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September 2017 Archives

Should I speak during a DUI traffic stop?

When the blue lights begin flashing in your rear view mirror, you know that you must choose your actions and words very carefully — especially if you have any alcohol in your system. How you conduct yourself and the things you do or do not say during the stop may mean the difference between a warning and DUI charges.

Robberies in new york: is poverty to blame?

Sometimes, living situations become so dire that any path to resolution can seem logical. Families across the United States suffer from poverty, which negatively affects individuals on physical, mental and emotional levels. When a robbery of any type takes place, New York law enforcement address the situation seriously. However, there are various causes for such a crime, and the factors involved in robbery can be complex when viewed through a legal lens.

Defending against assault and battery charges

Nearly every person is capable of some significant act of violence, but many of us never confront the opportunity to act on this ability. It is difficult for most people to claim that they would never, under any circumstances, commit an act of violence. Still, acts of violence are a particularly divisive issue for our entire society. Talking heads romanticize or villainize those who commit violence, or television and movies that depict it.

Pair accused of making, selling drugs

New York residents who hear or read reports about people being arrested for and charged with drug crimes should be aware that these reports only tell a portion of the story. In fact, they very well may only tell an extremely small portion of the story. This can often make situations look very grim for defendants and all but promote the sense that the person is guilty when all that has happened is that they have been arrested and accused of a crime.

What prescriptions are most addictive?

If you have had an operation, you may well have had your doctor write you a prescription for pain medication to help you manage pain as you recover. This has become such a common practice in New York and across the nation that sadly another problem has developed in part because of this. Many people in the United States are developing addictions to these types of medications. Even worse is the fact that many people are dying due to these addictions. Others end up facing criminal charges because their addiction leads them down a dangerous path and lifestyle. 

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