New York residents who hear or read reports about people being arrested for and charged with drug crimes should be aware that these reports only tell a portion of the story. In fact, they very well may only tell an extremely small portion of the story. This can often make situations look very grim for defendants and all but promote the sense that the person is guilty when all that has happened is that they have been arrested and accused of a crime.

The recent arrest of two people in Long Island City is an example of what this can be like. According to reports, an investigation has been underway since the spring of 2016 after another person died of an alleged drug overdose. Evidence in that death is said to have indicated that the two people arrested in Queens were potentially involved in providing drugs to the deceased person. State and federal officials were involved in the investigation.

Authorities assert that one of the defendants received items from Asia that were used to make synthetic opioids that he eventually sold online. The other defendant is said to have been heavily involved in shipping the drugs to the people who purchased them. Charges against the pair include drug distribution, drug possession and conspiracy to distribute drugs and have maximum prison sentences up to 20 years.

After being charged with serious drug crimes, defendants in New York might want to discuss their situation with an attorney to avoid the media circus in which only a portion of the facts are considered.

Source: CBS New York, “2 Arrested In Synthetic Drug Bust In Long Island City, Queens,” August 29, 2017