If you have had an operation, you may well have had your doctor write you a prescription for pain medication to help you manage pain as you recover. This has become such a common practice in New York and across the nation that sadly another problem has developed in part because of this. Many people in the United States are developing addictions to these types of medications. Even worse is the fact that many people are dying due to these addictions. Others end up facing criminal charges because their addiction leads them down a dangerous path and lifestyle. 

According to WebMD, opioid painkillers are one of the three types of prescription drugs identified as the most addictive. Some drugs you may be familiar with in this class are oxycodne, fentanyl or methadone. The other two types of prescription drugs that may lead to serious addiction problems both work on the central nervous system. Stimulants and depressants may both be used for different sleep disorders.

In addition, stimulants are commonly given to children with attention deficit disorder. Some name brands include concerta and ritalin. Depressants, on the other hand are frequently used to treat anxiety. Xanax and ativan are two brands of depressants that you may have heard of.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give residents in New York an idea of what prescription drugs may be the most addictive and what they may want to look out for if they are prescribed these medications by a health care professional.