New York residents who hear reports of people being charged with offenses involving sexual acts or harassment in some form may often not know which side of a story to believe. The reality is that sometimes it is hard to tell what really has happened in a situation, especially if there was a long delay between when some form of sexual offense is said to have transpired and when it is finally revealed. An example of this can be seen in a recent case involving a famous motion picture producer.

In what may feel to many like a whirlwind, accusation after accusation of sexual coercement, harassment and unwanted overtures have been made by multiple now-famous actresses. These woman are alleging that one of the most powerful men in Hollywood made advances to them or attempted to have them participate in sexual acts at different points in their careers. Some of these allegations go back many years if not decades.

In a new development, some accusations allege these actions also happened in New York putting them in the jurisdiction of law enforcement here. One of the more recent ones happened roughly two years ago but no prosecution occurred as officials stated they could not prove guilt in the case. Whether or not any charges are filed now remains to be seen.

People who are accused of sex crimes and offenses might find talking with an attorney a good way of understanding the statutes of limitations and the defense options in these situations.

Source: The New York Times, “Police in New York and London Look Into Assault Allegations Against Weinstein,” Al Baker and Stephen Castle, October 12, 2017