In New York, drunk driving charges can be serious. Preventing drivers from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated has now become a cause that some have decided to take on with new technology. 

According to Geektime, a developer in Israel is working on an app that can track a user’s movements to tell whether or not they are drunk without even needing a breathalyzer. Although the app is still in production, he has reached 93 percent accuracy in detecting intoxication in testing. The app, which runs constantly in the background of a user’s smartphone or wearable device collecting data on how the user moves, can tell differences in the way a user walks as an indication of inebriation. The developer is hoping that as cars become more connected, this app will be able to tell a vehicle not to turn on when it detects the driver is drunk.

Some new technology is already being put into place around the country. As KTHV reports, an Arkansas county is using Check BAC, a Bluetooth-connected breathalyzer app that records video of each test and sends it to a monitoring system. This is being required of repeat DWI offenders in Faulkner County, and they take a breathalyzer every three hours using the app to record themselves as they blow into the tube. If any alcohol is detected, the monitoring system notifies the authorities, and they can be arrested. County officials are hoping that use of the program will cut back on recidivism in DWI offenders, and they can also use the app to randomly require tests throughout the day.