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December 2017 Archives

21 indicted in drug ring

New York residents who hear reports about criminal charges being levied against defendants may not always understand the nuances involved in the terminology used. For example, there can be a big difference between a third degree crime and a second degree crime. Specific terms used relate to different offenses and therefore to potentially different sets of consequences as well.

Avoid getting charged with a DUI over the New Year holiday

New Year’s Eve is one of the most significant holidays of the year. It is time to ring out the old year and look forward to the new one with hope and excitement. Part of the fun of New Year’s Eve is drinking with friends or family. Whether you plan on celebrating downtown or going to a party with those you are closest to, we at the law offices of Neil S. Ruskin understand that you and other New Yorkers may face drunk driving charges if you are not careful with your choices over the holiday.

Common examples of drug crimes

Everyone knows that a drug crime involves an illegal substance, but not everyone is familiar with the various ways that you can get in trouble with the law regarding illegal substances.

Can I challenge the results of a breathalyzer?

Many of us pay specific attention to the number of drinks that we have in a given night, and may even space out drinks with glasses of water to maintain sobriety more easily. However, even for those who take special care to remain in control while drinking may find that they are technically over the limit if an officer stops them and administers a sobriety test.

Types of larceny charges

If you or someone you know has been accused of some type of theft charge in New York, you may need or want to educate yourself about some of the basic terminologies used in these offenses. One of the terms you may hear reference to is larceny and there are actually multiple forms of this alleged crime.

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