If you or someone you know has been accused of some type of theft charge in New York, you may need or want to educate yourself about some of the basic terminologies used in these offenses. One of the terms you may hear reference to is larceny and there are actually multiple forms of this alleged crime.

As explained by the New York Penal Code, larceny is basically a more official word used to describe types of theft or stealing. But, there are actually many forms that this may take. One of these may be what you most likely think of. This includes a person trespassing onto another person’s or entity’s property and taking something that is not theirs. A less thought of version of larceny involves keeping something known to be lost by another person. Integral to making this a viable crime would the lack on the part of the finder to return the object to its owner as well as the exercise of control over it.

Yet another type of larceny can be seen in embezzlement or other examples of fraud. The use of false promises to lure someone into giving money or other items may contribute to the eventual arrest of a person and charge of larceny.

If you would like to learn more about what may be classified as larceny and the factors that contribute to such charges you may be encountering, please feel free to visit the larceny offenses page of our New York criminal defense website.