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January 2018 Archives

Defining wire fraud

With so much business being conducted online these days, the opportunity for companies and private parties to be defrauded has perhaps never been higher. This may cause some who go through poor business dealings to be quick to accuse partners and brokers of trying to take advantage of them. While a person or organization accused of this may view such an allegation as being little more than baseless accusations made out of frustration, such charges should still be taken seriously. They may easily end up being classified as wire fraud

New state law benefits those accused of crimes

For many years, one of the most difficult aspects of any criminal defense in the state of New York was identifying and handling the prosecution's evidence against a suspect. Now, however, the process of discovery is finally undergoing overdue reform hopefully leaving unfair evidence-sharing practices in the past.

What are some startling statistics of drunk driving in New York?

It could be said that New York City faces problems when its drivers decide to get behind the wheel after drinking. Along with that, it also has some potentially startling statistics. If you weren't aware of the issues drunk driving can bring about in your city, you may want to keep reading.

Did a retailer unreasonably detain you for shoplifting?

A person may face accusations of shoplifting for any number of reasons, some legitimate and some baseless. However, even if a retailer catches a person shoplifting, they have very limited abilities to detain that person, and often far overstep their authority when dealing with shoplifting suspects.

Fatal prank shows importance of being careful with actions online

The online world gives people a mask of anonymity, and it can often blur the line between what is real and what is virtual. For these reasons, many residents of New York and elsewhere may say things in online comments and social media that they would never say in public. Online bullying and pranks might be thought of as harmless, but could also cross the line and become a criminal activity.

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