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February 2018 Archives

Couple enter guilty pleas, sentencing expected

When people in New York are accused of crimes, it is important for them to know that there is a criminal justice system that allows them to defend themselves against the charges. This process may end up providing them the opportunity to be acquitted of charges. It may also allow them to be found guilty of charges that are less severe than those they originally faced. There are multiple scenarios that may play out through a defense including through a potential appeal.

Drunk driving tests not always accurate

If you are one of the people in New York who has been arrested and charged with suspected drunk driving, it is important for you to understand the different tests used during your arrest process. Some people might think that the roadside tests administered before a person is arrested are used to prove that a driver is drunk. In fact, indicates that not only is this not possible, it is not the purpose of these tests.

What are the legal consequences for stealing packages?

"Porch pirating" is a crime New York City frequently faces, especially during the holiday seasons. In porch pirating cases, packages are stolen from mailboxes or people's porches. Many of those who partake in this theft don't realize just how much trouble they could be in if they're caught.

When must police read you your Miranda rights?

Miranda rights form an important protection for suspects of all kinds in the American justice system. The law requires police to read a suspect his or her Miranda rights when an interaction crosses two important thresholds, but an officer may still collect statements that may later incriminate a person who does not realize his or her statements already qualify as evidence.

Can your child be charged with a crime for bullying?

Middle school and high school are difficult years for any child to go through. Children may have good intentions, but they also want to fit in with their peers. They also want to avoid being the target of bullying, and sometimes the way to do that is to participate in teasing or bullying themselves. However, you and other New York parents should realize that there can be serious legal consequences when children bully others, especially if the behavior resulted in harm.

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