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April 2018 Archives

Man released from jail after drunk driving crash

People in New York who are arrested after being involved in a crash in which they were accused of being drunk will no doubt want to know how they might ever be able to defend themselves or move forward with their lives. Certainly a conviction for the involvement in an alleged drunk driving accident can have serious consequences but defendants should not give up on themselves or their futures.

Woman facing charges for alleged sex trafficking

People in New York who find themselves suddenly charged with serious crimes learn quickly the importance of remembering that the criminal justice system provides them with the guaranteed opportunity to be treated fairly and defend themselves. People are to be considered and assumed innocent unless they are proven guilty. Along the way, proper evidence must be provided to prove that supposed guilt. 

Defining theft of services

Say the word "theft" in New York City, and most would give as examples a person swiping another's purse or wallet, or breaking into a home to steal all of its valuables. In reality, there are actually many different forms of theft, some of which many may not perceive to be stealing, yet can still leave those accused of them facing serious criminal penalties. 

Can you be arrested for prescription drug abuse?

When New York residents think about drug charges, you likely think about illegal drugs. But did you know that you can even be arrested for abusing legal prescription drugs? Neil S. Ruskin, attorney at law, is here to help if you're facing prescription drug-related charges and their subsequent penalties.

Shoplifting in New York can lead to significant consequences

When compared to other, more serious crimes, shoplifting, also known as petty/petit larceny or retail fraud, doesn't seem so serious. Many people think of shoplifting as a victimless crime, one that mostly teenagers commit. However, retailers and law enforcement in New York City take shoplifting offenses very seriously.

Marijuana laws in new york: past, present and future

Most of the nation is familiar with the ongoing debate surrounding medical and recreational marijuana. While some areas of the country have already legalized this controversial substance, others remain in a state of limbo with laws and regulations. New York enforces strict guidelines when it comes to medical marijuana, but recreational purchase of this drug has yet to receive the go-ahead. 

The innocent spouse rule and tax liability

New York residents who find themselves faced with the prospect of an unexpected tax bill may well need to review some actions taken by their spouses or former spouses. In some cases, one spouse may legitimately be unaware of errors on a tax return prepared by the other spouse and therefore wish to remove their personal liability for any tax debt associated with such errors. The Internal Revenue Service has what it calls the innocent spouse rule that may apply to people in this type of situation. 

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