People in New York who find themselves suddenly charged with serious crimes learn quickly the importance of remembering that the criminal justice system provides them with the guaranteed opportunity to be treated fairly and defend themselves. People are to be considered and assumed innocent unless they are proven guilty. Along the way, proper evidence must be provided to prove that supposed guilt. 

One woman who had previously been known for her acting ability and career is now being accused of active involvement in a sex trafficking cult. No details have been released about the evidence used to support her arrest or how long any investigation may have been going on. If she is convicted of the forced labor and sex trafficking consipiracy as well as sex trafficking charges, her prison sentence could last her whole life or be 15 years on the short end for all charges together.

Certainly there remains the potential she will not be convicted or could end up making a plea deal with the prosecution. More may also need to be learned about the other persons with connections to the alleged cult. Reports suggest that the defendant was financially compensated for bringing people as slaves into the sex cult.

Upon being accused of heinous crimes, people in New York might reach out to an experienced defense attorney to quickly being learning about their various defense options.

Source: New York Daily News, “‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack cuffed in upstate sex cult case,” Andrew Keshner and Larry McShane, April 20, 2018