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June 2018 Archives

Former agent facing multiple criminal charges

Many people in New York work in industries or jobs that put them in a position to access or know sensitive and confidential information. In some cases, this informaiton is required to be known by them and even to be shared with others by them in order for them to do their jobs. The lines between what falls in that category and what may be considered inappropriate use or dissemination of information can at times be very thin or blurry. On the other side of the line may be legal or even criminal consequences.

Criminal arrest processes in New York

Most people in New York are aware that there may be many nuances to laws that at times might make it hard to know exactly what is legal and what is not. It is also well known that there may be many steps involved in a single criminal case and each of these steps has associated procedures that must be followed exactly by both defendants and prosecution teams. 

De Blasio expands suspected gang member database

Recent revelations from public records requests brought to light that the New York Police Department (NYPD) under Mayor Bill De Blasio quietly grew its gang database by more than three times. According to these documents, the database continues to grow at this alarming rate, despite gang-related crime making up only about 1 percent of all reported crime in the city, which is itself experiencing very low crime rates compared to previous decades.

Man receives broad range for sentence

When people in New York hear about a trial for a criminal offense, they might assume that if a person is convicted of the crime, there is a set penalty associated with that offense. That is not necessarily true and in some cases, a judge might have the ability to choose within some parameters what penalties a person will face. There may also be other factors involved that may determine if a person will go to jail or prison and how much time they might actually spend there.

Jury unable to come to decision in bribery case

Upon being arrested and charged with a criminal offense, many people in New York might fear that they have little hope of defending themselves. However, the ability to do just that is an integral part of the judicial and legal systems but the way that this might happen may end up taking many interesting turns. Some situations often heard about are when a defendant is found innocent by a judge or a jury or when they enter into a plea bargain with prosecutors.

Defining theft by false promise

It is easy to understand your surprise at being called a thief by your neighbor. You always thought the grill you got from him a few years back was an honest transaction. Sure, you agreed to do a financial assessment of his home in exchange, yet you thought he understood why you had to put off getting it done. Many of those that our team here at Neil S. Ruskin Attorney at Law have worked with over the years have faced similar scenarios. Like them, you might assume that your neighbor does not have a leg to stand on when accusing you of stealing. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. 

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