Many people in New York work in industries or jobs that put them in a position to access or know sensitive and confidential information. In some cases, this informaiton is required to be known by them and even to be shared with others by them in order for them to do their jobs. The lines between what falls in that category and what may be considered inappropriate use or dissemination of information can at times be very thin or blurry. On the other side of the line may be legal or even criminal consequences.

This situation can appear in both private and public sector roles. One example can be seen in a case recently reported on by NBC News involving a man who is only 29 years old and who had worked as an agent for the Central Intelligence Agency. He has been indicted on a variety of charges that could send him to prison for many decades.

At the heart of the matter is the alleged illegal obtaining and sharing of classified information related to national defense. The defendant is said to have lied to federal investigators for several months last year when asked about the case. Authorities suggest he hacked into a government computer system and provided the data obtained to WikiLeaks where it was eventually disseminated further.

Exactly what information is involved is not known but it involves the nation’s ability to collect intelligence. Somehow there are also child pornograpy and criminal copyright infringement charges against the man and it is unclear if those are directly related to the information theft charges or not.