Upon being arrested and charged with a criminal offense, many people in New York might fear that they have little hope of defending themselves. However, the ability to do just that is an integral part of the judicial and legal systems but the way that this might happen may end up taking many interesting turns. Some situations often heard about are when a defendant is found innocent by a judge or a jury or when they enter into a plea bargain with prosecutors.

Another situation that may leave the door open to a good defense is the ability to appeal a decision or to otherwise get a new trial. The latter might happen for a number of reasons. One example can be seen in the case of two defendants accused of corruption in New York who were on trial but will now be headed to a new trial after a jury failed to reach a decision in the original trial.

According to Business Insider, the defendants are a married couple. The husband, in conjunction with another man who has since been found innocent, is accused of taking bribes from a local business owner in exchange for other benefits from the government including a job described as “no-show” for his wife.

The judge in the matter declared the mistrial after the jury was unable to come to a consensus after deliberating for nine days. At the end of June a new trial date will be set. When in situations like these New York residents might find it helpful to talk with an attorney to understand their options.