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July 2018 Archives

An unusual event: Bail ordered during appeal

Given that New York is essentially the financial center of the country, many professionals work in the financial services industry in some fashion. This may include actively trading stocks or negotiating other financial deals. When working in this arena, there can be a fine line between savvy business acumen and what some may deem as illegal activity. In at least two cases against defendants for federal white collar crimes, the Second Circuit court has made a relatively surprising ruling that may indicate it feels this line is not always properly identified.

What is asset forfeiture?

For New Yorkers who don’t believe in the adage “crime doesn’t pay,” some crimes might seem worth the risk of getting caught. Law enforcement agencies know this. To lessen the appeal of lucrative crime ventures, they use the rules of asset forfeiture.

Know when you can refuse to answer police questioning

If police suspect that you may have something to do with a crime, regardless of what type of crime it is, they may approach and ask you questions. Alternatively, they may ask you to come down to the station for questioning. While these are common police procedures, it is always wise to know when you have the right to refuse to answer questions.

Employee theft a concern across U.S.

Most residents in New York have probably heard or read stories about people being accused of embezzlement or some other type of employee theft. However, just as with any time of criminal allegations, it is important to remember that just because someone is accused of a crime does not mean they actually committed a crime. There may be situations when perfectly legitimate acts or transactions are misconstrued as illegal or subversive conduct.

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