When you consider taking marijuana in New York, you usually do not expect your marijuana to be laced with other substances. Sometimes this happens, though, and this situation can be dangerous.

There are many different substances that could be hiding in your marijuana. According to American Addiction Centers, some people might add other drugs, such as ketamine, methamphetamine or LSD. Sometimes people might add substances which are not intended for human consumption. These can include laundry detergent and formaldehyde, as well as some kinds of bacteria and fungi. In some situations, you might learn that there is glass or lead inside marijuana. Sometimes the addition of these substances is unintentional. Lead and other materials in the soil can affect the marijuana plants and pesticides may also end up in your marijuana if someone used these materials on the plants.

Laced marijuana can have many effects on you. If someone added a hallucinogenic drug, you might experience hallucinations, and you may feel tired and lethargic if someone added a depressant. Additionally, you might realize that you are jittery or disoriented. In some situations, you might not experience any side effects if your marijuana contains inert plant materials.

There are many reasons marijuana might contain other substances. Some people might add materials to enhance or change the psychoactive effects. Some additions, like laundry detergent, may make marijuana look like it is higher-quality. Additionally, these extra substances can increase the weight so people can charge more. It is unknown how much marijuana is laced with another substance.

This information is intended to educate. It should not be used in place of legal advice.