When New York residents like you face a first-time DUI charge and are convicted of it, there are still options available to you. Neil S. Ruskin, attorney at law, will explain to you what rehabilitation programs are, and how they can be useful to you.

Generally speaking, if you’re convicted of a DUI-related crime, you could face a number of harsh penalties. This can include jail time, huge fines, or even having your license suspended or revoked. It can impact other areas of your life as well. Since it will show up in your criminal history, you could have trouble landing jobs. You may even be barred from entering other countries such as Canada

However, there’s the possibility that you can enter a rehabilitation program instead of facing these penalties. Generally speaking, this option is offered if it’s your first time being convicted of driving while under the influence. Rather than immediately leap to jail time, the point behind rehab is to get you the help you need to tackle the root of your problem. In helping with addiction, the goal is to keep drivers like you from drinking and driving again. If you successfully complete the program, most of your other penalties will be dropped. This can differ from state to state, or case by case.

If you would like to read more about what you can do when handling DUI or DWI related charges, take a look at the link here on our web page. You may learn more about your options and be able to decide whether or not rehabilitation programs are a good fit for you.